Gotek aka giacomo was born in may 1977 in milano ( italy ) . between pizza and pasta his interests have always been computers and music. after regular school he has studied in the scientific school in Milan , Liceo Scientifico Slavador Allende. after he spent 2 years in faculty of Phisics always in Milan, but it wasnt hiscup of tea. before he got in touch with electronic music, he played guitar for several years with some mates in a band called KIEF. they used to play indimetal/punk. he always had a strange relation with electronic music till finally in early 1996 he went with some friends to a spiral tribe/ sound conspiracy party in bologne. with the music and the help of some strange substances he went in the spiral !! as soon he had the opportunity he went to another party and couldnt avoid to dance like a crazy. this kind of music he never heard - it was hard and even distroted as in the metal genre. he started to get interested how to do this music and bought in the same year with the help of his parents a pc in order to make music with it.(" kisses to the family and thanks to believe in me ") at the really beginning it directly turned out :" it is not fucking easy as i thought !! " but after 2 years of studying the world of MIDI and Analog Synthesizer, he started a school for Audio Engineering where he got teached aboutproducing, recording, mastering procedures. in 2000 he finished the school and he went to the teknial in france where he played his 1st live performance. for chance frank aka fky was listening and encouraged himto go on making music and release his sound. ( " thank you frank ! " ) . for private reasons he went in 2001 to live in strasbourg ( fr ) where he created the label tnl with his friends gonzalo and joice. the label modified in the meanwhile to a autoproduction/distribution company. till this moment ( september 2005 ) he released about 52 vinyls and 2 cd´s.

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